Best way to sync an animation to a song?

Hi, I’m the build guy, and I’m trying to make an animation synced to a song, but, I’m having trouble with timing it. I don’t believe studio can play any audio, so I have to repeatedly try syncing my animation whilst making it by playing an audio, then quickly pressing play on my animation, and it’s quite time consuming. Is there a better way to do this?

You can use Anim:AdjustSpeed() which can help but this is very hard topic because there is lot of calculation going on

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Is there a way it could be like one of those video editor, where when I go to a certain point in the animation and play, it plays that part of the song? Or is that not possible with how roblox studio currently works?

It is just set sound position to animation position, this shoud work but Im not sure about that

but could i do this live in studio?