Best way to unlag your game?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering, my game has quite a slow reaction/not very high framerate on lower-end devices, whats the best way to reduce how much is spent on the item called ‘render’ (rendering the objects etc.), and is there any?

(below is a screenshot of the summary of the things that take up most memory etc.)

Thanks if you have any tips!

Thanks for reading!

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Unions and meshes. They can help although meshes are most likely the better option. Otherwise, try and remove useless parts.

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Do you have empty models in the workspace, that might help

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recucing the amount of while true loops, changing the Lighting ShadowMap to Voxel or Compatibility, turning off global shadows

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Reduce the rendering of objects, if you have free models, remove them, review the scripts and try to optimize it.

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your RenderStepped loops seem to take awfully long when in scale with the Humanoid and LuaGc run (still, what’s the exact milisecond time? it’s not listed.)
what are you doing on the render loop that’s so important?

move everything you tangibly can off of RenderStepped!

if you can do it on heartbeat, you’re better off doing it with heartbeat. RenderStepped obstructs input so you’re getting input lag. if you can do it less than 60 times a second, that’s EVEN better.

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There are some articles about this at DevHub, this may be #helpful for you!


On the RenderStepped we do stuff like special gui’s, like heightmap etc.

updating stuff like that should be very far off from every render frame

Yeah, thanks for the tip, we did it and it’s a whole lot less laggy now :slight_smile:

Removing lighting or fog would definetly help!