Best way to update a render type system?

Hello all, I’ve created a render type system and unrenders (or just re-parents) said models that aren’t visible to clients’ eyes to improve performance. The problem here is the ways it’s updating itself. For example, I’ve tried BindToRenderStep and Heartbeat. This seems to be decreasing my FPS instead, BindToRenderStep and Heartbeat put my fps between 40-70 while repeat wait(1) saidfunction() until false has given me around 300-500 fps. (This is done using a FPS Unlocker)

Should I just stick with repeat wait(1) Render() until false or should I attempt another go at RunService? If so, what’s another way can you suggest I do?

I would not recommend updating very fast for a lot of models to render and un-render, so you should stick with a wait(1) loop, or even slower.

The thing is that, if you update very fast for a thousand models, it will lag the game client even more, due to massive script usage.

Ah, I thought of that problem which is why I used region3 and a Vector3Value Instance, The way I’m doing this is FindPartsInRegion3WithIgnoreList. So only certain models will be visible at the same time so region doesn’t get bombarded with everything.

I guess I can stick with the repeat loop and make it slower if needed

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