Best Wiki sites to host my game help/manual/documentation?

I was thinking about to create a simple frame with little help instructions like I asked here:

However, I realize that, while TextLabel is limited, I think it would be better to keep a complete manual on an external website, as is already the case with many games today.
I ask: what is the most recommended site to host manuals/documentation/help texts for my game?

I personally find this forum’s Bulletin Board category useful for hosting game documentation and manuals. Lots of ROBLOX groups use this feature to provide their group members with information about their groups. An advantage of using the Bulletin Board feature is that you can link the devforum post that contains the information about the group (or in this case your game) in a group wall or a description of any user-made asset. If you simply plan to give simple instructions or information about your game, I’m sure you could somehow place it in a text label. Maybe consider using separate TextLabels for each piece of information. By doing this, you’ll have more freedom of where to place each text label within a GUI. It can get messy if you have too many TextLabels, but it’s the best solution in the meantime since TextLabels are indeed quite limited at the moment.

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