Better Chat V1 [Deprecated]

I don’t believe I could maintain a GitHub sadly. It’d be a lot of work to do both while pushing out a lot of updates, I’m quite inexperienced with it.

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It goes through chat messages and looks for key words that are flagged and enough flagged words are in the message it will not be sent.

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Very cool it would be great for games that have its community’s centered in Discord.


Is there currently a way to use Gradient text for the tags such as Owner or whatever, or a way to implement it ourselves in a plugin.


Not currently, but if people want it I’ll add it.


I am people and would love to have this feature.

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Update [BETA] 1.0.2

  • Added “;talk” command support to the HDAdminWrapper plugin, you will need to reinstall for it to work. This is thanks to “Umbreon” but I forgot their Roblox username.
  • Made message sending instant by using a caching system internally
  • Added fade settings for the UI (Reinstall the loader for the new configuration, they’re not necessary to reinstall if you don’t want to)
  • Made UI closing + opening an animation
  • Cleaned up the scaling module
  • Fixed display names not working in whisper messages
  • Fixed you not being able to click to start whisper from a sent whisper message
  • Fixed random UI Bugs

I Love this project. keep up the good work! :smiley:

you should add a @here to ping everyone on server kinda like discord system!. That function will only be allowed to admin and creators to use it!.

I like this idea! I’ll probably set it up as a configurable option linked to permissions.


Patch [BETA] 1.0.2b

  • Added new config option to change the typing indicator’s “dot” color.

This update wasn’t large, but I didn’t have anything else to add to it.

The other fix I added actually broke, I’ll be patching it later. I’m quite annoyed with this.


Pretty cool and useful, although kinda hard to read the msgs.

This should be a Awesome animation that you can integrate to the dot’s indicators!



This look amazing! Just a question: Does a chat tag script for the default roblox chat give a tag for this?

It will if you use the HD admin wrapper, that’s assuming you use a server script to set them.


Update [BETA] 1.0.3

  • Fixed bubble chat breaking randomly (officially this time)
  • Fixed some scaling issues
  • Added new typing indicator animations
  • Fixed autofill not text wrapping
  • Whispering and mentioning by display name (toggleable in the new loader config, but not needed to reinstall)
  • Misc bug fixes

Status Update

  • Added the attribute system’s system’s documentation to the gitbook.
  • Added two new post polls
  • Added new plugin release place in the Discord Server
  • Added RoVer verification to the discord server.

Just a question: On the documentation, it says for the attributes that you can use the setattribute to change the player’s chat properties. Would this be in a server script or localscript?

I think it should be on a server script, so the server can see it.

Either works, but the Server is recommended because the Client will not replicate.