Better Chat V1 [Deprecated]

This! Is! Amazing! Utterly Amazing! I usually want to make everything myself,
but I’ll definitely consider using this in future games (with credit!)

Although this may already be in, would you consider separate chats that are
customizable? Like more advanced team chats, or an OOC chat that you
can switch between easily for roleplaying games to cut down on flood, etc?

It’s the most annoying thing in the world when people OOC constantly, and it’s also just that I never see people use /team in team-oriented games. You get the “Red Team” Team, so you can talk in their chat, maybe in “Orange Team,” too if you’re allying with them. I don’t know. Or you die in a murder game and you can only read the main chat, and are stuck in dead chat. Might be too complicated or redundant.


For what I know, there are channels and there is a muted attribute you can set on the player.

When I add this to my game, wherever I put it(SSS or workspace) it doesn’t work.
Seems pretty cool otherwise.

This is awesome, I will 100% use this in my game. Thanks for your incredible support to the community!

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I can probably do something like this if needed, I was actually thinking about that problem recently.

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Do you have any errors in the console/output?

Update [BETA] 1.0.4

  • Resizable dragger option in config
  • New scaling system to make the UI scaling more seamless
  • Increased mobile UI sizing
  • Fixed “TypingIndicatorColor” configuration not working
  • Added 3 new bubble chat configurations (reinstall loader for fix)

I’m currently planning on extending the developer API soon, give me ideas in the discord, replies or PMs.


This is amazing, I will 100% use It In-game.

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It probably didn’t work because API or HTTP requests were off, but most likely because game<chat<default chat was on.

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Oh lol I’m dumb. Forgot to turn on http requests XD.

It’s possible that that isn’t it, if it isn’t it’s probable because the default chat is on.

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Oh? Are you sure that’s what fixed it? I don’t use HTTP requests (except with the plugin API for developers, but that’s up to them.) I also don’t have any DataStores. The system should work after adding it to the game and turning off LoadDefaultChat.

Haven’t tried yet, have to turn off default chat later.

Yeah it breaks if default chat is turned on.

This is very good! I will be using this! :smiley:

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Anyway to change the color of API.systemMessage? I was making a plugin based off of the Friend Notifier and saw that it took a message and a channel name to send out a system message. Also does “all” in Channel name send to all players? I was a bit confused because I was guessing that not every player got a system message for one specific person’s friend joining.

You could probably just use API.systemMessage("(R, G, B / insert system message here)") (or hex/brickcolor) for colored system messages (just like how players would), and system messages should be local, so only the person who’s friended with a player joining would fire the event, activating the system message. The all channel really just sends it into the default channel everyone can see, but since system messages are local it should only be seen on the client its called on.

That solution should work, but I’m working on an update for the API message system. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


Try "(255, 170, 0 / ".. message.. ")", "all" I think the message has to be inside the () not outside.

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Perfect! Thank you. I never knew you could put a string inside of another string like that. You taught me something tonight :slight_smile: