Better detection system?

So I have a Spider-Man swinging system. I wanna make it better with a new detection system on where the webs should attach to when swinging.

I have tried:

Creating designated swing points and which ever is closest it will swing from. The problem with this is that it is VERY tedious to add all those swing points around the map and doesn’t have much freedom for the player.

My best solution so far is using raycasting. I would shoot out like 7 rays on each side of the player each at a different angle and position. If any of those rays hit, then they can swing from the point the ray hit. This is better because it gives the player more freedom to swing around.

I wanna try and make a better detection system like in the Spider-Man PS4 game. Is there a way I can make this system better? Should I stick to one of my methods I have already?

You might try and make some rules about what makes a “good” attach point and select the best one from your multiple raycasts.

Oh alright. So for example only if the raycast is a certain distance from the player then it’s considered a good point to swing from.

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I’ve seen one other person do a swinging system like this and my opinion of theirs was it feels bad when a swing yeets you at the ground or steals all your momentum. Maybe you could find a way to choose swings from a set of possible attach points that reduce the chance of this, is what I mean.

A minimum distance would probably make swings more controllable, yeah, since you wouldn’t be caught off guard with a really tight turn upwards.