Better distribution

Currently I earn 60% and my friend earns 30% of group revenue.

He should have half of what I have but he has like 3/8 instead because Roblox rounds the decimals. What I propose is that the funds be held each day until midnight. When that time comes you distribute everything. Now instead us losing like 15% from rounding we lose 1 Robuck as most.


Woah, does Robux really burn during distribution?

Yea, I think if you have something like a dev product that’s R$10 then if someone get’s like 3% of group funds they won’t get anything from that product because of rounding… :frowning:

^Which is why waiting until midnight would be such a good idea, I think.

100 people buy the 10 robux product = 1,000 Robux = 700 Robux (fee) = 21 robux (0.03)

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Well, this sucks. ScriptOn’s suggestion is pretty good though, I’d be happy with that solution.

Who’s in charge of handling things like this? Maybe if we showed them they’d be like ‘hell yeah we need this to support dev teams who make professional games!’

You’ve already posted it in feature requests here, so it’s all good. You can always do manual payouts every week/month until it is resolved.

Hope someone important sees it.

Wait, what? Why is this ROBUX not send back to the group fund?