Better Knockback System?

Hey devleopers!

I’m a scripter for some mini projects that i do. Althought I have been scripting for a while, I am farley new to the dev fourm.

As you may know you can apply a force using a body for or using the vector of the part. But is there any way yo use a more consisted type of body velocity?

I’ve tried using body velocity and velocity for the knockback of a player, but as I have been testing, it has some problems. My type of knockncak that i want is more of a hit than a force. For example, if you try to resist the knockback from the bosyvelocity, you can not fight against it. The velocity property on a part is effective, but with so much math it is hard for me to use…

Because of these problems i have a hard time making a DIY slingshot without complex math. I’ve looked at free models made by ROBLOX byt all the scripts are made too complicated to decode and read everything.

If you have any suggestions, that would be great!