Better tagging & filtering between payment information

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to finely locate listings on the talent hub based on their style (or quantity) of payment.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would allow me to find the kinds of jobs which pay in the ways that are most preferable for the type of work I want to do.

For example, if I am looking for consistent, long-term pay I am most likely to look for listings paying salaries or hourly rates. If I am not worried about consistency or long-term agreements, I might look for specifically one-time payments.

Full Time, Part Time, and Commission separate the time constraints of listings well, but, there is no equivalent of this for payment styles.

Many listings also list annual, hourly, or one-time payments as simply “X USD” in the title based on differing interpretations of the Full Time, Part Time, and Commission tags which is confusing and impossible to navigate or search by precisely.


That would be great. Also they should add a direct payment method like Fiverr. Basically it’s not just a meeting website but also a purchasing website. Because many sellers scam people after they buy it, and roblox doesn’t even have the proof to it.

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Agreed: an escrow & milestone payment feature is definitely necessary. The most trusted party to be the middleman is the first-party: Roblox.

How it works:

  1. The customer puts Robux in an escrow, so it will be removed from their account balance and assigns a deadline (the customer can see the price + deadline).
  2. The freelancer creates the requested product, or a milestone if the project is large.
  3. The freelancer showcases the work to the customer (like screenshots for builds and videos for scripts/UI)
  4. The freelancer puts the work in the escrow.
  5. The customer accepts the work, they’ll be able to download the files and the freelancer receives the Robux (manually or automatically after 72 hours of submission).
    5b. The customer can reject it and ask for modification. They won’t be able to get the submitted files.

A dispute system should be included to avoid scamming with fake files, just like Fiverr.

Benefits for Roblox
• Less scamming (= less support cases, higher reputation & higher retention)
• More use for the Talent Hub

Benefits for the freelancer
• Guaranteed reward
• Friction-less communication (as you don’t have to focus on the risk of scamming anymore)

Benefits for the customer
• Guaranteed work
• More effort is invested by the freelancer, because they don’t have the risk of scamming anymore.

Note: This isn’t completely bullet-proof, but it’s already much better than the current situations.

Feel free to convert this into a separate feature request.


That’s exactly how Fiverr works.
Roblox just need to make TalentHub the Robloxian Fiverr, with purchase reviews, resolution centers and better communication.
I’m quite sure that this will take Roblox a good amount of money to develop and maintain therefore they should add a platform fee.