Better way to do this?

local Module = {["Value"] = 0}

Module.Test = function()
    Module["Value"] += 1

return Module
local Module1 = require(Module)
local Module2 = require(Module)



first print will print out 1, second print will print out 0

what is the best way of having the value update for all requires?

sorry if this is confusing in any way
I know one way would be to have an instance store data and just get that data whenever you require, but I’m not sure if there is a better way(which is why I am asking this question)

if I have to use Instances I will, also this code is shown as an example obviously

I wasn’t able to replicate this using the code you provided. Are you requiring in two seperate scripts where one is on the server and one is on the client?

sorry I thought modules reran whenever required, I should’ve tested before posting
this isn’t a server/client issue