Bezier curve target is the middle of the players screen

local function Curve(t, P0, p1, p2)
		local l1 = P0:Lerp(p1, t)
		local l2 = p1:Lerp(p2, t)
		return l1:Lerp(l2,t)
local Mid = (Character.Head.Position - cameraPosition).Magnitude
	local startPosition = headPos *,0,-7)
	local Part1 = (headPos *,Mid/4,-Mid/4)).p
	local EndPos = cameraPosition +,0.1,0)
	for i = 1, 100 do
		local t = i/100
		local Bezier  = Curve(t,startPosition, Part1, EndPos)
		bullet.Position = Bezier

Hi so i have this script that moves a part in a curve forward from the players head. But, i have it so that it curves in the position if the camera which isnt good. Im having alot of trouble explaining this I have the players mouse locked in the middle of the players screen. I basically need it to go in the direction of the camera like it is, but i want the target to not be the mouse, but the middle of the players screen if that makes sense? The reason i need it loke this is because i need it to also be for mobile, and i need it to go to the middle of the players screen because of my mobile shift lock