Bezier Curve won't show results

Basically, I’m practicing with bezier curves and I wanna see it move a part from the start, to the mid point, and finally the end. But it doesn’t show anything at all.

	return (1-Time)^2*Point0+2*(1-Time)*Time*Point1+Time^2*Point2;

local steps = .1

local StartPart = workspace.StartPart
local EndPart = workspace.EndPart
local CurvePart = workspace.CurvePart

for Time = 0 + steps, 1, steps do
	local Part ="Part")
	Part.Anchored, Part.CanCollide, Part.Transparency = true, false, .5
	Part.Position = QuadraticBezier(Time, StartPart.Position, EndPart.Position, CurvePart.Position)
	Part.Parent = workspace
	game.Debris:AddItem(Part, 1)
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Can you post the entire script please? It’s a bit hard to know if you’re really missing things if we can’t see it all

It’s missing one whole line of script on the top. This is the missing one

```function Bezier_Module:QuadraticBezier(Time,Point0,Point1,Point2)```

well one thing I’ve noticed is that you put the end part as the curve part and the curve part as the end, if you look at the wiki you can see in the quadratic bezier curve gif right before the cubic one that the p0 is start, p1 is curve part and p2 is the end part

Oh damn, I didn’t know that. I just used what I learned from some guy in devforums

try this

Part.Position = Bezier_Module:QuadraticBezier(Time, StartPart.Position, CurvePart.Position, EndPart.Position)

Alright, thank you very much. I’m gonna put this in later