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BGUK | Community Handbook

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This is an Official document from BGUK and therefore will be enforced across our community.


Within this document, you will be able to find all in-game rules. It is highly suggested that you have a thorough read of this document so that you can maximize your experience throughout our games. Certain rules if broken can not be undone meaning that if you become permanently banned, you cannot appeal it unless stated otherwise within this document.

Reasons for a Permanent Ban;

Exploiting or involvement of exploiting the game;
If you or someone you are with is exploiting the game ( and you don’t report it), you will receive a permanent ban. This ban is unappealable. This includes injecting scripts that affect the characteristics of the game, such as giving yourself money, flying and flinging players.

The abuse of your team (i.e. go rogue);

If you are found to abuse the team that you are on (tools or anything else you have access to) that belongs to a public or military service, for example, Metropolitan Police, Oxfordshire Ambulance Service, any British Armed Forces team, Oxfordshire Fire Brigade, you are at risk of receiving a permanent ban that will be without appeal.

The use of alts;

If you use an alt(s) to bypass an administrative action or to hide your main account, all of the accounts in your possession will be permanently banned and could be without appeal.


If you have received a server or time ban and you break a rule following the administrative action, you are in danger of receiving a permanent ban without appeal. If you cannot follow the rules within this document, then BGUK games will have no place for you.

Reasons for a Time or Server Ban;

Leave To Avoid Arrest or Reset To Avoid Arrest;

If you are found to have left the game or rested to avoid arrest, you will be server banned from the server, if this occurs again you could be at risk by the bans rule.

Spawn Killing;

If you are caught spawn killing, you will be server banned. All players have a 20-second window of safety meaning that after they spawn in, you must wait 20 seconds before you may attack the player.

Involving current events in-game

Bringing real-life events in-game is against the Roblox TOS and therefore can put the game at risk of being taken down. Therefore anyone caught doing this will receive a week ban. This means that you cannot recreate a real-life protest movement, such as the BLM movement.

Use of bugs to affect the mechanics of the game;

If you are found using a bug and/or glitch to affect the mechanics of the game, you will receive a server ban. Errors with the game must be reported to our discord server.

Breach of Roblox’s TOS:

If you breach Roblox’s TOS in any form you will receive a server ban. These include inappropriate usernames/display names, bypassing the chat filter, inappropriate avatar (clothes or items).

Fail Role Play:

If you Fail Role Play (FRP) you will receive a server ban which could be in violation of the ban rule. Examples of FRP are:

  • Refusing to comply with Law Enforcement (Not entering the car while cuffed or jumping out of the LE car while cuffed).
  • Shooting from vehicles.
  • Misuse of team-specific tools (i.e. cuff or barrier abuse).
  • Blocking vehicles with your body.
  • Leaving the map boundaries.
  • Committing criminal acts on public or armed forces teams (Traffic offences will not result in administrative punishment but should be punishable with police issued penalty if caught and detained.)


If you are ramming to glitch vehicles and/or cause a glitch, it will result in administrative punishment with relevant proof. If your intention is not to cause a glitch but to disable or is relevant to RP but results in a glitch then proof must still be sent to the staff member to determine what happened.

New Life Rule:

For NLR to occur you must be killed during an RP (Not by friends) or by LE. If it’s during an RP and a problem occurs, proof must be sent to the staff member or we will assume that you broke the NLR.