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Management Guide

i: Introduction

Welcome to the Management Guide for Breakfast House, before we begin listing some crucial information; Welcome to our phenomenal Management Team filled with people who are passionate about Breakfast House.

We truly hope that your transition into becoming a Shift Manager goes well within our community, do your best to form a few friendships; we promise that all of us admins are as kind as we can be and don’t bite! If someone does please tell us though.

Shift Managers+ at Breakfast House follow fundamental guidelines to ensure their work experience is the best it can be, for example, you will have commands you can and can’t use. You have been selected to become a Shift Manager at Breakfast House because we think that you are capable of the task.

ii: Further Information

Here at Breakfast House, we value your activity inside of our communications server along with our group games, if you are not on for 1-2 days it will not matter, but if you do need to take a leave of absence please contact an Executive Officer; However, being inactive for a long period of time without any update will not excuse you from punishment.

Moreover, activity is equally rated from the game activity and your ability to attend training/interviews along with being active in our communications server, once you achieve the rank Restaurant Manager you will be able to host interviews that will also count as activity.

We understand that grammar may be somewhat of a burden but it is required from our Shift Managers, unlike our Crew Members you are required to use grammar outside of the kitchen. Do your best to not start slacking on grammar usage, please also fix your mistakes; it’s mandatory.

Please remember that being respectful is apart of your job, therefore do not disrespect others. This can lead to a warning and with all Management Members, 2 warnings are the max you are allowed to get. Warnings will reset every 2 months.

Avatar Attire;
We do not require you to wear fancy suits and dresses when hosting/assisting interviews and training, all though we do require you to dress maturely and professionally. This includes using a package that suits professionalism, we do not allow you to mix packages and it is generally unprofessional.

Account Protection;
Here at Breakfast House, we require you to have 2FA on your Roblox account as you have access to a lot of things that most others don’t such as Admin, Private Trello Boards, audit logs, private discord chats. Therefore the 2FA is incredibly needed so that information that is only given to management stays within management.

Discord Activity;
Although you are now management you are not exempt from the rules, therefore you are still required to follow them. Inside of our discord you not okay not using grammar unless IN A PROFESSIONAL MATTER then it will be deemed required to use. We would also like you to be semi-active within our discord server.

When outside of Breakfast House you are still representing us which means don’t do anything shady when you’re not in our games such as trolling in our alliances’ games, and or causing issues with other groups.

ii: Discord overview

iia Management Channels:

Management Lounge is meant for chatting hence the word “Lounge” in it, this channel is not to ask for support or help. It is to simply talk in. You are able to leak some random banter with other MR’s to Non-MRs but if you leak information that is meant to be kept within the Management Team and or talk badly on another MR you will be warned.

Management Commands This channel is used to do all your administrative things such as promoting people (Coming soon.)

Management Announcements is to keep up to date with what is going on, this channel should NEVER be muted.

iib Management Roles:

All the roles that MR’s are able to use are the following:
@MR Team, @Wall Moderator, @Promoter, @Trainer

@MR Team is to be used when needing assistance such as needing help at the Shop.

@Wall Moderator is to be used when you be disrespectful, advertisements and such on the group wall.

@Promoter for when you need a promotion done during interviews, and or demoting an employee for various reasons.

iii: Management Links

Here are some links that can help you when starting your career at Breakfast House;

New to interviews? No worries read our Interview Guide:

Trainings are complicated here is Breakfast House make sure to follow the Training Guide:

To help all Manager’s understand training please read the Training Procedure:

Inside of the Shop, Interview Center, Training Center, and PAC we have blacklisted commands here are some of them:

All Management get rewards here at Breakfast House here is our Rewards Scheme:

Our warning system can get complex here is the guide to help you out with it:

More of the guide is coming soon!

This guide is approved by the Breakfast House Company Directorship Team.

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