Big Opportunity for developers. (Up to 100k via payroll and %)

Hello, I am the owner of DEV EDGE , an upcoming development studio that has big plans that include expanding out of the Roblox platform.

Today I am looking for all sorts of developers to start our latest project , The Life Series. I really do not mind other contracts as long as you hand up quality work on time. We consider everything you have in store for us if you are polite.

For today, I will be looking for the following:

10 Builder. 0/10

10 Modelers. 0/10

3 Scripters. 1/3

1 Animators. 0/1

2 VFX and GFX Designers. 0/2

1 GUI/UI Designers. 0/1

1 SFX Designers. 0/1

1 GFX Artist. 0/1

1 Project Manager 0/1

Join this discord server to apply: [ Discord] If you do not have discord or the link is not working, Please DM informing me of the issue and I will repost this post with a working link or DM me with your portfolio. I will respond if I may hire you or thank you for informing me the link is not working.

Again I am going to stress this. I am just looking for polite to players and co-workers, Can hand up quality work on time and sensitive Developers.

I also do not want inappropriate content in my server. I have received a lot of inappropriate messages in the old server and have banned the people responsible.If you are a good developer , you should not be doing these things.

For those who think I am a scam, DO NOT apply and/or join the the server. For those who have doubts, I have a 95% guarantee this is successful as I will try to make the game of the Roblox Platform too. Inquiries can be made in the server if needed.

To apply, go to your desired job chat and type in your roblox name and display name, and the link you want from the devforum that you want to apply Then send your portfolio link or pictures. Strictly no talking in wrong chats.

I will also be looking for investors for your payment in case the 5% chance happen.

Thanks all for reading and/or applying


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