[BIG OPPORTUNITY] Hiring Gfx/Icon Artist - [ Up to 10K+ R$]

Who will you be developing for?
On this job you will be working for DevStudy - a development team on Roblox.
DevStudy is dedicated to bringing fun & enjoyable experiences to all Roblox users.

Meet the team:

The Project:
This project has been DevStudy’s first project ever.
We started back on December 15th 2018, and have been working on it since.

Other People you will be working with:
These are a few YouTubers that as of date, are part of the creator program for the game.

  • DeeterPlays
  • IntelPlayz
  • RobloxMuff
  • Shea
  • WestDrum
  • JS FilmsRBLX
  • DarinDH
  • Lonnie
  • And Many more…

The Job:
I have had a a thumbnail and logo made recently by Respirize, and its AMAZING, I will be using the thumbnail 1001% and the icon if i cannot find someone here for this job.

I would like to have a slightly different icon from the one i have now.
Styled like the example bellow.
I already have a “text” part, however if you believe you can do better, I will be more than happy to get you to do one, with more payment.


At DevStudy we have a few requirements as to make sure we hire only the best of the best.

Here are these few things:

  • You must be 13+ - As to comply with Discord TOS & to confirm some level of maturity.
  • You must have a portfolio with past work, to show you are worthy of the job.
  • You should be able to work quickly, and be free often to work on the project.

Payment will be available in multiple ways.
I will be looking to pay no more than 5-10k however, I have enough to pay a lot more, depending on how good your work is.

Contact us:

  • Discord - Double_Dev#8079
  • On here.

This is quite an opportunity and Double is such a great leader.
I vouch for him completely as not only did i work with him, but he helped me through some things of my own… free of charge.

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Completely agree with @Axcerious , Double is a great leader and an even better person. Very flexible and understanding.

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Do you have any room for scripters?

The title says hes hiring gfx artists. I dont believe he is looking for scripters at the moment. Though I could be wrong.

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Like @NegateError has already said, I am currently looking for a Gfx Artist.

I have scripters at the moment.
However, I will remember your name, and come back possibly within any future projects.


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hello this can be a great opportunity i am gfx artist and 2d artist i am looking for a job

Hey, I would love to make graphics for you, I’ve added you on discord.

I’ve sent a friend request on discord! Hope to talk soon.

I’ve contacted you on Discord! Hope to talk to you soon!

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