Big Problem In My Studio

Hello! In studio I can’t move any items. I cannot rotate move or select but I can scale. Also this happened

Here is a video:

i hope people can help thanks!

Switch your dragger type from ‘Physical’ to ‘Geometric’ and turn off ‘Collisions’.


Thanks man. This worked out!! :smiley:

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First of all as a member to post a bug report you first have to post it at #bulletin-board and send it to roblox developer relations, if they can reproduce it, it will be moved to #bug-reports, and second, before making a bug report read this.


This isn’t even a bug tho. Also, for the future, to report a bug as member:

  1. Post on #bulletin-board
  2. Contact @Bug-Support
  3. If they have the same issue, they will move your bulletin board post to #bug-reports
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