Big YouTube channel looking for scripters

(Apologies for any bad English in advance!)

Hello guys, nice to meet you! I’m GuerraReturns and I work for this group owned by Stef2317 (the YouTuber): TPOC - Roblox

We are Italian and I have an offer from Stef2317 (the YouTuber) to all developers interested.

We’d like to create some cool games on Roblox and get them popular with Youtube.

Stef2317 is a popular youtuber with more then 50 milion views for month.
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We have a group on Roblox with more than 100.000 members (fans) and 90.000 followers in their profile. We are looking for scripters to make a little team that can start to work on cool Roblox games with the goal to make them famous. For payment, we are open to classic Robux payment or % of the profit of the games.

If you are interested you can answer in this topic or contact us on Discord: TPOC Plays#4562


I’m interested, I added you on Discord.

I’m interested. Sent a friend request on Discord. D3V0URED#0332

I am very interested, I am a builder and Spanish translator, add me my discord is = Nicolás DEV # 4794

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Uhmmm i interested but i am not good at these thing enough buy will he/she need a Animator?

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not now, sorry, maybe in future


I don’t speak any italian sadly, but if you’re gonna give me requests then it’ll be fine.

I am a Programmer (scripter). DM me on discord, samtheman#7181.

I rate your english 9/10 by the way :slight_smile:

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I am interested. My discord Flame Dev#0369

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