Billboard GUI behaving strangely

Just a quick heads-up, I have never used the billboard GUI ever.

But I just noticed that parts of the image on the billboard get cropped out when looking at it from certain angles. Why? Is it just a setting or?

Here is the gif:

I am planning on using it as muzzle flashes.

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image image

If your billboard is using scales, the billboard’s size will have the same behavior as a regular GUI that would rely on the player’s screen size, which is the reason it gets smaller when you’re far away,

However, the image itself doesn’t seems to be scale based, if you set up a offset (such as 100x100), it’s a absolute resolution that will not be affected in any way, it will stays at 100 pixels all-time,

but it’s being masked by the scale zone because of the Billboard’s render zone, and the image is getting too big (larger than the billboard’s size)

if you want the image to fill all the billboard area on all distances, set scale to (1,1) = 100% x/y