BillboardGui not running scripts pre-made

Hey there, I know that this should go into studio-bugs or something, but that’s locked to regulars… But I have a question, I made a Ui and dragged it to the BillboardGui so that it was above the part that I needed, but it happened that in the end, no script would run.

Is there any way to fix this, or am I just overlooking something?

Was the script a LocalScript or not?
I’ll try right now
I tried with a script and it works

It was a localscript.

Are you checking on Server?
And from what I k w it won’t work if it isn’t I. The Player instance (not checked so I if he be wrong)
Try with a dcript

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That’s very annoying that it only works with scripts. A lot of my things need to be done locally…

(I know it’s very very bugging)
We can’t do anything about it, we’ll have to wait till Roblox allows us to do it without needing to put everything under the Player

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