Billy Basieal Character

Galaxy Avengers Arc 2 Development

Billy Basieal (Equinoxes)

Billy Basieal may seem like a simple and boring character, but he’s actually one of the most calm, collected, competent, and trusted member of the Equinoxes organization. Albeit, only an intern.

Basic Attack, Three hit combo.

Each baseball swing will deal 200 base damage on hit.

E Ability

Throw out a baseball, once you throw the limit of three, all baseballs will fly out in the original velocity you threw them out.
If you’re close enough to an enemy, the projectiles will auto target.
Base damage: 200 per projectile

Auto target projectile speed is not final.

R Ability

Swing your bat to hit a baseball that will travel insanely fast, on impact this will do 200 base damage and inflict bleed.
Bleeding caused by this will deal 10 damage per second and will last for approximately 10 seconds.

F Ability

Disperse all your energy into your baseball bat, heating it up and increasing base damage by 100, this will also give you 30 seconds of 30 armor, and 15 seconds of 15 HP regen.

Extra Abilities

V Ability

A very simple dash forward.

Dash Attack

A variant of the V ability, after pressing V, wait approximately half a second before pressing G. and you will activate the dash attack.
This move has a pretty large hitbox, and when you land it you will gain 20 HP life steal, and it will reset the V ability cool down.

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