BindableEvent Not Firing


I have a BindableEvent, but it’s not firing from a module script.
Code in module:

		local succ1, err2 = pcall(function() Loader.Completed:Fire() end)
		if not succ1 then Print(err2) return else print(succ1) end

Code in Client:


It’s only printing true from the pcall.
Thanks for any help!

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Fire is correct for bindableevents, FireServer is used for remoteevents in client

Mb I assumed it was a RemoteEvent didn’t see the .Event.


Also I don’t believe bindableevents are for clients, I believe it’s designed for servers.

So what could I use in this case?

I personally don’t know, maybe values and connect a GetPropertyOnChangedSignal on it, there might be a better way but I really have no idea

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BindableEvents/BindableFunctions can facilitate communication between local scripts, I believe the main issue here is that “:Fire()” is called from one local script before the “.Event” event is listened for in some other local script.

No, I have the .Event after calling the module function.