BindableEvent parameter keeps returning nil

startTD.Event:Connect(function(path, player)
    gemsHandler.Setup(player, tycoon, path, 0) -- number is starting balance
    print("setup completed")
    while task.wait(waveInterval) do
        local pathFolder 

        enemyHanlder.spawnEnemy("Peasant", 3, path, tycoon, player)
        pathFolder = tycoon.NPCs:FindFirstChild(path)

        repeat task.wait(1) until #pathFolder:GetChildren() == 0
function gems:UpdateBalance(amount)
    if amount then
        if gems.CurrentBalance - amount <= 0 then
            gems.CurrentBalance = 0
            gems.CurrentBalance -= amount -- removing coins if NPCs make it through

    local gemsUI = gems.GemsCollector:WaitForChild("BillboardUI_Part", 10).GemAmountUI
    local gemsText = gemsUI:WaitForChild("MainFrame").GemLabel

    gemsText.Text = "Gems to Collect: ".. gems.CurrentBalance


I am using a bindable event here but the 30 im passing through to the function in the second lot of code keeps printing as nil on line 30, im stuck can anyone help me here, I would appreciate it a lot, thanks

The script that contains this function: function gems:UpdateBalance(amount)

Its a Module Script?
If thats a module, theres no need you use a BindableEvent to send that data, you could just call the function inside that module from the first script directly

The reason why you are getting nil its because the function its called like this:
function gems:UpdateBalance(amount)

and you are calling this from the fired event:

Just change the name of the function to function gems.UpdateBalance(amount)

But I insist, its better idea to use the module as it should, thats what makes modules very flexible and helpful, you can just call the function in that module from the first script without firing any BindableEvent

The first script:

local gems = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("gems"))

The module:

local gems = {}

function gems.UpdateBalance(amount)

return gems

i made a typo srry im slow thx for the help tho

Cool, you solved it:+1: :upside_down_face: 30kchaaars

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