Bits and Bobs In Blender

Bored, stuck on a playlist and got to work.
Turned out alright, open to constructive criticism.


This is very good, keep up the good work! :smiley:

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They look nice! May I ask how many vertices each mesh has?

No clue, not many as they are pretty low polly.

In my opinion those don’t look like low poly meshes. The detail level on the traffic cone sees beyond low poly.

But the end result on the traffic cone looks good, are the traffic lights setup to be change the active color?

Blender does automatically show you the verts, tris, faces, etc amount in the bottom right corner btw…

I am aware of that, yes. It’s pretty useful.

Did you steal these models lol? :sweat_smile:
Not to accuse but it seems pretty odd that you have no clue the amount of vertices these meshes have even though you did create them…

I find it quite ignorant that you would accuse me of leaking assets, purely on the basis that I don’t note how complex my models are after making them. Your argument isn’t backed by any form other than the fact I don’t know a number relating to my asset. No, it’s not stolen. Yes, I did just spend an hour making them.

I was not accusing, I was not arguing, I was simply asking…
Sorry to anger you, I just thought it was a questionable thing. Have a nice day :cowboy_hat_face: :ok_hand:

It seems even more ignorant to label an innocent question as an accusation or argument.

Anywho, Have a nice day and I hope you have an enjoyable time creating more models.

Oh ho ho ho, nice bits and bobs