BLACKBOX Studios is Hiring!

this post was inspired by @EternalCanadianDev and his post

Hi there, we are BLACKBOX Studios! We are the creators of the indevelopment game, SPACE!
We try to provide the best experiences on Roblox, by creating a new, unique game that will change all Survival Games!


I am hiring a Community Staff Support member, at least 5 of them! Here’s the team:
Scripter - @Crrustyy
UI - @DaffyDavinko
Building - @Rikk_YT
Effects - @usuallyreggie
Head Community Support Staff - @KaelAwesome1234567
Community Support Staff - @CommandoX9
Community Support Staff - @NoGreaterGamer
Community Support Staff - could be you
Community Support Staff - could be you

I will give you a ‘guide’ when you apply, to see if you can follow it. You would create a Support email like this:

Your goal is simple. Help the person in need out as quickly as possible. 4 points: Contact, Inspect, Explain, Resolve. When getting a bug report or complaint or issue/help request, be professional when talking and be as helpful as possible.

When getting a bug report send it to the head of community support (role still available) or me!


I am offering $2 per case. This will be when the game is released. We can do it per case, or monthly at $10 a month, since others would get a report, not just an individual person.


Contact me on discord only @ TaylorOnShow#0447

When applying, please be as professional as possible!

Many thanks!

Crrustyy :wink:


I will like to be on the Community Support Staff but I don’t have discord is that a requirement? Also, would you be able to do Robux :robux_gold: payouts instead of USD?

Well, I can do robux, yes!
On the subject of discord, I would say it is required for the Community Discord Staff, but not for the actual game staff. If you want more info, message me on the forum instead!

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