Blastii - Music composer

About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Blastii! I have been on the Roblox platform for almost 5 years now. I specialize in the field of music and am offering my services as a music composer.

About My Work and Skills

I have been composing for over 2 years, and I am currently studying music in school.

I am very proficient in the software Logic Pro X, a professional music production DAW, and I am constantly working to expand my skills within the program. It is important to know that I am a believer in free-flowing music.

All music that I produce is written and mastered using professional studio equipment. Eastwest and ComposerCloud plugins are used to widen the range of abilities and sounds within Logic Pro X


More recent example work can be found on my website below!


Orchestral Example


Tempospace is one of the more abstract works that I’ve done, having strayed far from the traditional structure and technique of music.

Forgotten Planet


The Process (can be very flexible)

When commissioning, I would first ask if there are any soundtracks/visuals to be used as a reference, and I will then give a rough price and time estimate accordingly. I would soon after send a sketch of the song, which during this time you can offer feedback and/or rewrites. Updates of the work will be sent throughout the production process. Payment will be requested after the piece is finished. After a certain point, full-length files WILL BE WATERMARKED until payment is received.


Estimated turnaround time is 1 week.


Prices are all dependent on the lengths of the compositions and the complexity of the instrumentation and arrangements. My preferred payment is USD via PayPal, however Robux is accepted as well.

Pricing ranges from $25 - $40, (7,500 - 12,000 R$) per minute depending on the complexity of the instrumentation.

Any potential raise in price throughout the production period will be addressed before action is taken.


You can contact me on…
Discord: Blastii#4182
Twitter: [@Blastiiii] (

I look forward to working with you!


@Blastii is an amazing composer and person, she’s really easy to communicate with and gives full effort into all her work! I highly recommend her for any composition needs!


sent a fr on discord please check us out thanks

Blastii is a superb composer and an absolute pro at what she does. She designed the Main Menu theme for the game I am working and was absolutely incredible every step of the way. From working with my changing instructions, to creating awesome some renditions, being superbly cooperative, and always being ready to approach the music in creative ways, Blastii is without a doubt one of the best composers a developer could ask to hire and work with. I cannot stress that enough.

Blastii, thank you for the stellar work! I look forward to maybe possibly working together again in the future, best of luck! :grin:


Commissions are now open for October!

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