Blau Hotels & Resorts - Looking for a Builder

About Us

Hello! Blau Hotels is a group on Roblox with 42,000 members and is seeking a builder to help complete our next Hotel.

The Team
@CrzGabe - President
@aEdwxrd - Head Developer
@Flam_ed - Vice President

Our progress may be view from

About The Job

We are looking for a full-time builder to complete our Hotel and improve the quality of our games. The Hotel is currently 80% complete. We need a builder that can quickly adjust to the style of the build and our timeline.

We would like it to be completed before September.


We are willing to pay UP TO 20k group funds in order for you to finish our project.

Contact Us

Contact us on our Discord server (found on the Social Links tab of the group).

Thank you so much for reading,


I’m interested but have few questions, like how many stories does it have? And how much more work is need to finish the project?

Hello, do you have discord? I can say it privately there.

We need the CMI doors to be customized and installed, a pool created, the basement completed, and terrain finished.

I’m interested in the job, I have joined the group and my discord tag is Somebody#1486

Can’t visit the place since you need to pay before you can enter.


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