Blender 27.9 Model Turns White in Cycles Render

I want to use Cycles Render on Blender 2.79, as people recommend to use Cycles Render when making GFX with edits and stuff, which is what I normally do. Everything is fine in Blender Render, my character is colored and textured. However, when I use Cycles Render, this changes.

As you can see, my character is colored.

However, my character is white in Cycles Render.

I’ve tried things as I do with a normal GFX in Blender Render. I turned on Textured Solid and Ambient Occlusion in the slider thing.


I think I am doing something wrong that I do in Blender Render but doesn’t work in Cycles. If anyone knows how to fix this and uses Cycles Render that would be appreciated.

Simple fix really!

Cycles Rendering is a lot different from Blender Rendering, the entire interface changes, but Cycles Rendering also allows renders to look way better.

To fix this, you simply need to change your mode from Solid, to either Material or Texture, and that should fix your issue.

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That’s strange. I put it in both Material mode and Texture and it is still white.

Weird…when you exported your file, did you also make sure you had your texture on your avatar?

(Normally this would be a .png file)
If you’re still having problems I’ll record a clip to show you what to do.

Make sure you start in cycles before importing the model.

Turn Cycles Render on first, then import your character.