Blender GFX feedback!

Hello developers!

Recently, I created a gfx in Roblox studio (it was my first gfx) and now, I just finished making one in bender.

here are two pictures of the gfx in studio and blender:

(I do not need feedback on the gfx made in Roblox studio.


Nice job! Although I like the one you made in studio better.


blender is better by far but its stiff pose


The blender one is much higher quality.


try relaxing the shoulders a bit.


I really like both of them! The one in blender clearly has better lighting, but the pose isn’t as interesting as the one in studio.
I think if you were to bend the arm of the blender model, almost like he has his hand on his hip, and maybe the other arm is bent slightly upwards so that the arm looks more relaxed and not as stiff, then it would improve the pose a lot.
Good work, regardless.


For the first one:
Geez, I can smell the pixels on that laptop. Lighting’s very basic and doesn’t really fit the mood I think you were trying to go for. Lighting isn’t really customizable, nor realistic in Roblox Studio. Pose is good in my books.

For the second one:
Lighting looks way better, smoother. Basic standing pose, kinda stiff in my opinion.

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Oh, and quick question, how did you make the GFX in studio (I’m not used to blender)?

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I used models for the objects and for the pose I just went to the character setting and adjusted them. I do not recommend using Roblox studio, because you can do very little shading.

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Agreed, thanks for saying so. (char limit)

Also sorry for replying late. (char limit)

Nice job there bro love it!!! :smiley: