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Trying to make a simple gfx

My hat textures are all mixed up and some are missing.

I watched some videos, but they don’t show me how to fix the texture problem.

for example, my pirate hats texture is the texture for my winged headphones for some reason.

How did you import the mesh to Roblox?
What type of file name (like obj.) did you use?
I’m guessing you have the wrong TextureID saved, or you used the headphones mesh and then imported the pirate hat MeshID into it without importing the TextureID.

Objects exported from Roblox studio have some strange Material properties when used in Blender.

set “Show Backface” to OFF
set “Backface Culling” to ON

These settings can be found Shader Editor, but you can go to the Material Properties tab in the Properties window with the hats selected.
If you’re still finding some strange hat issues, you might want to do this with all the materials in the scene.


I imported it as wavefront obj

Thanks I’ll check that out and see if it works.