Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Hm, that’s weird… I installed it last night using the new link you posted. I’ll try again. Thanks for your help! Also, thank you for this amazing tool! :grin:


When I try to import an animation from Mixamo this error happen in blender.


Import the FBX manually into blender, either the bone names do not match. Or maybe there are no bones at all…


Did you upload a Roblox R15 armature to Mixamo first, or are you trying to use an animation saved out for one of their characters (because that won’t work)?


Hey sorry for the late reply
Ok i didn’t uploaded an armature to Mixamo because with the new Mixamo i don’t know how it work.


You need to export the rig that Den_S’s Blender plug-in makes, from Blender, exporting “Armature” only (no mesh). You do this in the FBX export settings, by un-highlighting everything except the Armature tab (it should be the only thing left highlighted blue). Then, upload this armature-only FBX to mixamo. On the Mixamo site, you will only see the rig animating as a blue stick figure, no character. That’s the simplest way to get this process to work. You will not be able to preview the animations with anything but the stick figure, but the exported (saved) animation fbx files will work in Blender.


Thank you so much it’s working now!


Its a great plugin, really is. Been using it for most animations now, but only issue I’m having is when it comes to custom rigs. I use a separate plugin to manually create joints (motors) to rig my model and when I export it and rebuild the rig, no meshes move. I’ve found no solutions so far. I use a lot of joints, so I thought maybe that’s the issue? Because currently I’m stuck with the ROBLOX animation editor, and that’s just not reliable enough.


Can you upload a rig that reproduces the issue?


Specifically what do you mean with uploading, and where?


Save your rig as a rbxm file, and you can attach it to your post with the toolbar in the post editor toolbar.


I can’t really do that. The rigs I use are being used and have lots of hours put into them, too risky to put here. I’m trying to re-create the issue with a dummy rig and I’ll upload that, but so far everything I’ve tried doesn’t break this specific rig. I used the same rigging method but still works fine. Still trying to “break” the dummy rig, and if I manage to break the rig, I’ll most likely know where the issue is at that point if i’m actually trying to break it :stuck_out_tongue:


Found the issue. Took me way way longer than it should have. The issue was with the actual model name. It seems you can’t actually use any special keys in the name. I had an apostrophe in between the name (intentional), and once I renamed it to something random like “name” the rig worked fine, just some attached cosmetics that were attached via weld didn’t move with the rig, but that is not an issue as that doesn’t change the final results.

But thanks anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Actually the attached parts via weld issue was easy to figure out. They were in a link attachment (ex. horn welded to helm, and helm welded to head), all I had to do was attach them directly to the moving mesh in the rig.


Ah yea, thanks for sharing the issue. The obj exporter transforms names in a certain way, probably changing that model name which caused issues later down the road…

I’ll look into adding clearer errors/allowing recursive attachments the next time I touch this code.


I’m going to be working on a Maya version of the plugin.
I’ll update my progress as the week goes by.


This is good to know, but doesn’t ROBLOX already have one built in?


I’m not the one who’s doing the animating but they aren’t on the DevForums, so they’ve been having an issue where this happens:

And they also got this error:

I don’t really know much about animating in Blender, but it seems my rig doesn’t work properly this plugin. Here’s the rig:


Make sure that in Studio settings in Rendering, ExportMergeByMaterial is disabled and make sure you actually use the plugin its own export button.


He says that setting is disabled and he’s always used the export button. The normal R15 block rig straight from the animation editor plugin in Studio works fine for him, but it’s not the best because it isn’t completely accurate with my (slightly) custom rig.


This is really helpful if I would like to maybe work on some animations for my new game.