Blender rig exporter/animation importer


It should definitely be noted in the plugin that decals cause the rig to error in blender. I was stuck fiddling with a rig for a couple hours not knowing that simply removing the decals would fix the error message when I first used the plugin


I have no idea if anyone else has gotten this, but sometimes, when I export certain rigs, the bones are connected to random parts, for example, the “bolt” part is connected to a bone that is “Union.012” or “Magazine” or something.


Thanks, it seems like decals indeed cause issues in some scenarios… I’ll be sure to add some warning for it, along with some other QoL changes soonish (hopefully).

That could be caused by decals too, or maybe other objects. If you happen to figure out what instance causes it, feel free to let me know and I’ll warn about that too (or send the rig itself and I’ll check it myself later).


I’m not sure if this has been asked before…
but is there an easy way to set it so you only generate roblox keyframes for say… the arms?


There’s no easy way for that except by manually editing the KeyframeSequence. I do need this myself too soonish, so I’ll likely add a way to easily do this from when I get to updating the plugin again.


I have updated both the Blender addon and the Roblox plugin:

  • An issue causing certain rigs to not properly import into Blender has been fixed. Most notably, R6 rigs now work properly.
  • The UI of the plugin has been updated to use the fancy new floating plugin widgets.
  • The plugin now shows a list of warnings for things that commonly causes issues (decals, Studio settings…)
  • The plugin now allows you to “disable” certain joints, just like the standard Roblox animation editor. (@GregTame)
  • Various small issues were fixed in the plugin.

The changes are backwards and forwards compatible, so you don’t have to update both the addon/plugin.


i’m using this plugin for a while and when you know how to use and do animations in blender it can be very useful. :smiley:


Hell yeah!

also, you got any documentation on how to use that?


Just disable the bones you don’t want to have an effect on the animation:

Aside, make sure to set the animation priority correctly for all animations.


Yeah… something’s not quite right.

i select the rig and it goes unresponsive while studio pulls 17% of 3.5 GHz

Here’s the rig model… I’ve had multiple problems with it before :T
rig.rbxm (6.7 KB)


You have a joint in LowerTorso called Root that links to UpperTorso, but also a joint called Waist in UpperTorso that links to LowerTorso. That causes it to get stuck. (for which I should add a check)

Additionally, you should make sure that Part0 is the parent part and Part1 is a child part. You do this correctly for HumanoidRootPart.Root and LowerTorso.Root, but incorrectly for i.e. LeftHand.LeftWrist.
The plugin doesn’t support “swapping” that currently.


Thanks. Looks like a good chance to get Blender also.


Anyone have experience importing animations from the Unity asset store (which I also assume have different rigging) instead of Mixamo? Mixamo is nice, but everything there is mocapped, and they don’t have a large pool of animations so anything you get there is going to be used by others in their Roblox games as well.


Having a problem recently where when I import an animation from Mixamo into Blender, it loads it up with the keys, but it doesn’t seem to play when I press the Animation Player on the bottom section! Have I done something wrong with the rig? Is my Blender version incorrect? (2.79b)


Did it recently stop working or has it never worked for you?
You can still try to load the Mixamo-generated FBX into blender directly (i.e., through the file menu) and ensure it looks properly there. Any recent blender version should work fine, anyway.


Recently only, I am going to try to re-install and see if it helps!


Appears that blender 2.79b does not work with the animation editor - so I’ve had to resort to the older version (2.78b)


Managed to fix it!

Re-installing Blender to the latest version seemed to help.


Man this thread has grown a lot since it first started! Such a great thread. I have a suggestion for the plugin which would make it a whole lot better for animating ROBLOX characters. Is it possible to make a rig that has elbows and knees bending in the correct direction with IKs enabled? The stiffness method doesn’t really affect the rig for me that much. It’s important to have pole bones in there as well so you can manually point the elbow to be rotated at a certain direction. I have a rigged R15 character with the desired characteristics in Blender, and it works for ROBLOX!

Is it possible for anyone to make the rebuild rig button make a standard R15 rig inherit these characteristics? That would make the animation look a lot more correct if you are hand animating, which is important!
If anyone wants to animate with the file, or you need a better idea of how the rig should behave, please download the .blend file!


The primary weird thing of the R15 rig is that the arm bones are offset in an odd way. It can be re-adjusted with a little script:

import bpy
from mathutils import Vector, Matrix

translation = Vector((.5, 0, 0))

for bone in bpy.context.selected_bones:
    bone["nicetransform"] = Matrix(bone["nicetransform"]) * Matrix.Translation(translation)


(select a bone in edit mode, then run to translate it by translation)
It’ll also adjust some internal transformation matrix that tracks the difference between the blender rest pose and Roblox rest pose, so the shifted animations imports back in Roblox properly.

After that IK works without any issues for me, even with the plugin built-in IK constraint generator. Very slightly offsetting some bone joint in edit mode to force the IK solver to prefer a certain direction is the easiest way to control in which direction the elbow/knee should point (which you seem to use in your blend file too, plus a pole bone to aim that), alternatively rotating the bone in edit mode by 90 degrees (that second approach requires updating nicetransform too).

I could add a rigging mode (sounds like a very useful idea, thanks!) that also offsets the upper arms like described above, but aside from that I don’t really see any other issues. Did you do anything else to make IK behave properly?

Note that this script does some operations in world space and others in bone space. Usually this works fine, but since R15 rigs generated by Roblox are flipped around by default, you can either rotate that rig around by 180 degrees before exporting it in Roblox (recommended), or replace bone.translate(translation) with bone.translate(-translation) in the script above to make it “work” with a flipped rig.