Blender rig exporter/animation importer


This is a little vague, you mind clarifying with a video tutorial please?


More specifically the process of establishing the desired IKs on the rig


Hopefully this helps a bit explaining how to get a length 2 IK chain working properly (in a similar way you did it);


I’m attempting to import animations from Mixamo but whenever I upload the character to the website to try out the animations and see which ones I’d like to import, the character doesn’t move at all and the bones look like this. It’s also not spawning where it’s supposed to in BlenderScreenshot_188

Using version 2.78


Make sure the Roblox rig is in the center of the workspace when exporting it (looks like it isn’t?), the armature does not currently center around the root part.


Able to export in the right way now, only problem is Mixamo won’t load when I click an animation


I had problems with this myself but found out it was the way I was setting my rig up in Blender and Roblox. Trying to export was a pain but I had done it properly multiple times and found out even IF the animation runs.
Try exporting it back into Blender when you save the animation and see how it looks inside Blender, sometimes it would look like it’s messed up but it isn’t. idk I’ve had quite a few experiences like this with Mixamo.


Do you have reproduction steps? Mixamo still works flawlessly for me.

Some have more success just exporting the armature to Mixamo though (i.e., not the parts). (Or by using some R15 rig with skinned bones, I thought that was posted somewhere in this thread too…)


After 8 hours I got it to work, tedious but eventually was worth the long process

Seemed to be the rigs for me. When I used a character importer it worked fine


Looks like a cool way to make custom animations.


I’m currently testing exporting an animation but I get this error whenever I click the export button:

Am I doing something stupidly wrong here?


You likely replaced the originally generated armature (during rig import), which discards important metadata. You can use the Map keyframes by bone name button to copy animation data from the bones of one armature to the generated armature if necessary.


Turns out it was because I was duplicating some bones (for IK purposes). All good now, thanks!

Great plugin, by the way. I’m learning how to rig and animate using Blender (I apologise for being a noob) for my current project. Animating, for me, has been the worst part of development, and I’m counting on this to change that.


I did exactly the same as the Videos why does it turn my Character 180 Degrees when playing the Animation?

And my Character is also floating…

How do I fix it?


Export the character flipped around and in a proper neutral position in world space in Roblox (i.e. the HRP centered above the ground at (0, 0, 0)).
The blender addon currently always assumes that’s the rig center, which generally works, but Mixamo relies on it being set properly relative to the actual rig.

Trying to center out mocap animation?

Ok Thank you @Den_S, I’ll try it again.

If I still can’t do it can we do Discord?

So the Rotation of the Character is (0,0,0) and the HumanoidRootPart is at (0,0,0)?


Setting the HRP to (0, 2.35, 0) with orientation (0, 180, 0) is what I use. (so the character is on the ground with its feets)


Video won’t work!! :frowning:


Also Den_S, I saw some people at the RDC game jam use motion capture animation in their game that they recorded themselves. Any ways that we could make motion capture data for a rig in blender that can transfer to roblox?


Looks like streamable did something weird, reuploaded it here;

(or direct link)

You can use any animation tools in Blender to animate the rig, including any mocap addon you’d like to use (there’s a “Motion Capture Tools” addon already included with Blender, which may be of some use – it at least supports custom retargetting).
I haven’t ever recorded mocap animations myself though, but I know others had some luck with that. You may want to ask them directly what tools they used instead.