Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Awesome! Great video, thanks Den_S :slight_smile:


Ay, good plugin mate. I suggest you to place down this link into the plugin description, if a random decides to use it.


I’ve always thought devforum links are regarded by Roblox as offsite links, so that it’d be against the TOS to link back to this page…


* and should all be fine. In fact, once the old forums shut down, the Bulletin Board category was made so that devforum users could link to informative posts here from the main website.


That Bulletin Board category is indeed quite convincing. I’ll add a link, thanks!


Absolutely loving this plugin! Many thanks!

I have yet to run into a problem, if I find one Ill post it here.


Is it just me or is the “Import Animation” button not working? When I press the button nothing happens other than refreshing my workspace and scrolling it down slightly… I’ve tried with multiple rigs but it won’t do anything for any of them.


I’ve never run into that problem, only thing remotely close is corrupted animation data not sending but I fixed that.
Maybe try doing it in another studio session?


It sounds like another plugin is conflicting with what the importer tries to do (create a temporary script and open the editor) – does it work if you disable all other plugins?


Tried disabling all plugins, didn’t work. Also tried to re-installing the plugin, didn’t work either. Tried to use it on different rigs and in different places, still no luck.


It looks like some Studio bug causes the temporary script to not open…

You can still open the script manually (it’s created in the workspace) and paste the animation data until Roblox fixes this issue, though.


When I paste animation data into the script, I get an “Animation Loaded” message, but the rig does not animate, and an error below my command bar shows up that says “Expected ‘=’, got ‘/’”.


I can’t reproduce this myself — did this start happening in the last 1-2 days since the script doesn’t auto-open anymore? Make sure to paste the animation data on the second line of the script in that case.

Otherwise, can you send the animation data + the associated rig that cause this problem?


Thanks for the plugin! I have encountered an issue which I am not sure if it’s a mistake which I might be doing. When I play the animations which I imported, seems like it flipped my HumanoidRootPart so the whole character looks opposite where the camera is looking. Any idea what I did wrong or how to fix it?


I didn’t get this problem anymore after I used a new rig and reanimated it. It seems to pop up when you try to load an animation onto a rig other than the exact one you export to Blender.
I know I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I didn’t save the file that had the original rig. :upside_down_face:


If e.g. Mixamo imported animations are flipped around, rotate your rig in Roblox before exporting it (see previous replies for explanation).

Odd. Sort of seems like the imported data was corrupted, a mismatched rig definitely shouldn’t cause that error. Oh well.




This is the same issue I have faced once before. I didn’t end up solving it unfortunately,


Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing plugin! Mainly a Maya user but learned Blender just for this haha. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

On an unrelated note, thanks to this plugin, I’ve been testing some HTC Vive full body mocap-thing (1x HMD, 2x Controllers, 3x Trackers). It’s not perfect yet, and definitely far from anything I would consider presentable, but I think this is a great start at animating something without breaking the bank. Once I get trackers for my knees and elbows, should be amazing!

Edit: Currently testing with 7 trackers now. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll do a tutorial


With how useful the OP’s plugin already is, make sure to release yours as well! Animating is one of the most annoying parts of game development for me since I know what I want and all the time is spent fidgeting with tooling to translate that into digital form. Being able to map out animations in real life would be a life saver.