Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Doing God’s work, this is incredible! :open_mouth:


Is there a chance R6 support will be released soon? Or maybe it is already and I’m just blind.


All non-malformed rigs should be compatible since a few months, including R6.


Is there any plans to add support for exporting animations from Roblox to Blender?


No, but depending on use cases of such a feature (and demand) I might add that at some point.

(It doesn’t sound very useful to me, honestly, as you’d only have a large list of position/location keyframes when importing an animation, which is a pain to work with compared to Blender constraints etc.)


Id actually like that, Like If you had old animations you wanted to fix up without remaking it entirely.



I got it to work!

This video will help you :grinning:

Also remember


So, I just tried importing the R6 Rig to Blender so I could animate it. Process was moving along smoothly until Importing it where I faced an error (See Below) and tried to move the bones,

I have yet to find a solution to the problem. The R15 works fine, its just the R6 Rig that isn’t working.

Error Code:

If there is a certain way to do this could I get some help on how to? Or if this is a natural problem with a known fix that’d be appreciated as well. I’ll keep looking into the issue to see If I can fix it myself, or find any more information on the problem.


oml, I look forward to trying this - thanks so much! aaa


Are there any warnings shown when you select the rig in Roblox? The face decal on the R6 rig does cause issues, and other instances may too, which you should remove before loading the rig.


I removed the decal and just like that we are good to go,

Thanks Den_S!


The script thing messes up the arm and it ends up not aligning the bones properly :frowning:


Looks like you use a different R15 rig (the old one? I think Roblox moved the joints around at some point) — regardless of that, you’ll have to edit the translation = Vector((.5, 0, 0)) line and run the script to move the bone in the correct position. It does not auto-align bones.


god bless


@Den_S Fabulous plugin!

Question: I have an FBX model with an animation. Is it possible to import that into Roblox with your plugin, so that I wind up with a Roblox model with the proper armature and animation? In other words, I am trying to figure out how to import and FBX animated model into Roblox.


If you have a rigged model in Roblox, you can import that model into Blender using the plugin and “retarget” the animation in the FBX file to the rig generated in Blender (which you can then export back to Roblox again).
The addon has two buttons for quick retargetting (“Import FBX” and “Map keyframes by bone name”), which work if the imported armature has the exact same bones as the target (generated) armature. Blender has various other tools and addons for more advanced and customizable retargetting.

The plugin does not support generating rigs and models in Roblox from Blender armatures, you’ll need to have a rigged Roblox model first in all cases, if you were looking for that.


The link seems to be dead


It seems back up again for me now — I suppose it’s working for you too now?


Hey @Den_S,

When I import my custom rig, it’s very far away from the origin in blender. See pic:

I tried moving it but I don’t know what I’m doing. Is this a problem? It makes it hard to animate.

Additionally I don’t have the button marked ‘Import FBX’ animation, so I can’t import. Is this missing for a reason?

Your help much appreciated, thanks.


It imports wherever the rig is in Roblox. So moving it to the origin of the Roblox workspace may be useful before exporting it (which aside from the armature position always being at the origin doesn’t really matter).

You’re likely using a really old Blender addon version.