Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Still not working (The Link)


Sadly their server died again… I’ve replaced it with another link now, thanks.


When I build the rig in Blender, the parts of my model don’t move with the bones in Pose Mode. EDIT: I checked and it looks like the model isn’t being parented to the armature for some reason :frowning:

EDIT2: I believe the issue is with the Roblox plugin rather than the Blender addon, as afaik Roblox plugins auto-update and I hadn’t updated the Blender addon since I last used it (no change when I updated)


If any warnings appear when selecting the rig using the Studio plugin, resolve those before exporting it. If the problem still remains after that, upload the rig you’re having trouble with, then I’ll take a look.


There were no errors in the first place. Since I’m concerned about model thieves, I’ll send you the rig via a private message.


I find this impossible to use because no matter what I do, whenever I import the animation into Roblox it is backwards (the character faces the complete wrong way) and the animation is unusable.


If you read some of the replies, people have found ways to fix that.


I did a search for “backwards” on nothing came up. Odd. /shrug

Edit: Got it working perfectly now! Thanks!


Hey, my animation seems to be playing backwards. Any fix?


See above;


I ran the script to align the bones then this happened:

Did I do something wrong here?


That’s fine, you can move the visual part objects in object mode to their correct position (the script doesn’t auto-move those, but they’re just for visualization anyway).


I’d love to see how to set this up! I have an HTC Vive and in desperate need of self-recorded mocap animations :slight_smile:


Yes please!


So I moved the upper arms in object mode like you said, but now the animations export like this:


My god! Can we please get a tutorial? This is super cool, and would be very useful to numerous developers!!


I think he uses the Brekel OpenVR recorder. It has a pretty hefty retail price but the trial version does allow you to make up to 100 10-second animations.


Very interesting… I’m no mastermind at porting Maya things to Blender (It’s probably simple) but if you can achieve stuff like that I think it’s worth the price and pain learning how.


I don’t think the program is linked to Maya. Whatever Brekel outputs is probably compatible with any 3D program.


That is correct. Thank you for replying before I could. I can make a tutorial, but its simplicity makes me think otherwise.

Brekel outputs the animation in FBX, meaning there is no skeleton. So you will have to manually position them onto the Roblox Rig and constrain them to the joints respectively (elbows, knees, etc) and use IK if you do not have elbow/knee tracking.

Anyway, I am already making an official tutorial soon, just time isn’t on my side at the moment. It is half done, but expect a large read.