Blender rig exporter/animation importer


I’ve added a note to the script’s original message here that should fix your issue: Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Awesome man! I suggest that you make a separate dev post and link it since it is an entirely new process on its own. This is going to help out a lot of developers with their games!


This is a really great plugin, however I would like to add a Keyframe at the End of the animation and I am finding a difficulty to find out how to get the Time of the last frame of the animation as to input it in your Add named keyframe option. Thanks.


Figured out I can get the length of an animation through blender.


Are we gonna get any info on mocap sometime in the future? :frowning:


Actually, I believe that’s doable right now.
I recall one of the game jam developers had a portal mocap device. I’m pretty sure you motion capture yourself in a third party program, and export your created animation to Roblox. He was able to do it overnight, so I’m sure it’s not a long process.



I’ve started having an issue with importing models from Studio. Previously, I’ve been able to rebuild a rig and all of its parts are gray (minus LowerTorso). Now they are all green. In pose mode, I’ve been able to move any rig part using G but now I can only select LowerTorso and move only that. I can still rotate any rig part but only on a certain axis, for example I can’t move RightLowerArm 90* to the right.

I’ve tried using 2.78 and 2.79 Blender to combat this but both have the same issue. It started today.

Any advice?


It sounds like you’ve enabled center point manipulation accidentally:


This was unfortunatly not the issue; I am still unable to move the RigPart using the G shortcut. When I disable center point manipulation, nothing moves or rotates.


This week or the next, i will publish a new dev post regarding usage of HTC vive and Brekel.


Can you try importing the rig into a completely fresh Blender file? It still sounds like some configuration issue — if it persists even in a new file, please upload that file somewhere so I can check it out.


I have updated the addon to be fully compatible with Blender 2.80 now, see the first post. Everything is cross-compatible with 2.79.

Do note that due to various UI changes in Blender, I decided to simply move the UI of the addon from the left panel (which is now just a toolbox of icons, typically), to the right panel for the time being.

Because the right panel does not have tabs like the left panel did, this generally leads to useless UI clutter when you’re not working on animations on Roblox rigs. As a result, I’ve decided to make this panel only show when you’ve imported some rig data through the File -> Import menu (which imports the obj file like it did before):

Additionally it’s probably worth mentioning that the Blender animation UI is slightly changed. The keying set selector has been moved, for example:


Finally, I’ve added the MIT license to the code now for clarity. Also updated the tiny quickstart guide in the first post with this slightly different workflow.


Can’t wait to give this a try, thanks again Den_S!


If only there was a way to port Roblox animations in to Blender…


Been saying that for years now :joy:


There is




Okay I’ve been having SERIOUSLY annoying issues with this exporter these past few days, I’ve been completely unable to export and import NORMAL animations from blender into roblox.

The animation looks fine in blender, I’ve never had issues animating in this way in the past and I’ve done it the exact same way.

When brought back into studio, my character’s body is contorted in ways it should not be.

All the parts that need to be moved are named properly, and the parts that do not need to be moved, are not named and I’ve locked their keyframes so I’m rather confused. I’ve noticed that studio itself is having some issues, when I’m animating myself and my camera moves in the middle of a save, I’m stuck in that movement unless I close the animator. Very annoying.


Do any warnings appear if you select the rig in the Blender addon? If so, try to resolve those first and then re-export the rig. Additionally, disabling AutomaticScalingEnabled for the humanoid if you export a rig with a non-default HipHeight can help.

If you’re still stuck, please upload the rig somewhere so I can see what’s going wrong.


This plugin works like a charm. Although I don’t really know if it’s compatible with custom rigs/models?
I’ve made my own player model and it’s really just a R15 rig but edited.


I did give it ago I get this error while trying to export the model.

Here are all the parts of the rig/model.

Any help would be great and would really help me out!
Here’s a download of the player model.

Player.rbxl (81.1 KB)

Thanks for reading,