Blender rig exporter/animation importer


That rig has some oddly parented joints. There’s a LeftKnee joint in the LeftLowerLeg that connects the UpperTorso to the LeftUpperArm (that should be a shoulder joint). The LeftShoulder joint connects the LowerTorso to the LeftUpperLeg instead.

The plugin tries to find each joint only as children of either Part0 or Part1 of the joint, those two joints mentioned above aren’t placed in those locations.


Hey Den,
I recently went on blender to try to animate and this just started happening, I move the bone but the part attached to that part doesn’t move.
I have a part attached to it with a weld in Roblox studio, I don’t know if that could be the problem.


Edit: I imported a new rig without the tool and it works, but I would like to do the animation with the tool, am I doing something wrong?


Make sure the Roblox plugin does not show warnings when selecting the rig. Spaces in part/model names may cause issues too. Also make sure to use pose mode in Blender to actually animate the rig.


I have it in pose mode and it only shows the error of the decals of the face. Should I weld the tool with a Motor6D instead?


I think welding works fine, I weld parts to my rigs all the time and I never face any issues. The only thing you need to remember is to always weld the parts to the moving part itself, meaning you can’t weld, for example, a “blade” part to the “handle” part, and then the “handle” part to the “hand” body part, the handle will move fine but the blade part will not move, I’m sure this isn’t related to your issue but you can use it as future reference I guess.

There could be several issues here but it’s hard to pinpoint what it is with very limited information. For example, you might have welded the tool in the order of “Hand --> Tool”, where instead it should be “Tool --> Hand”, basically the tool needs to be the parent of the actual weld. Since the hand is the one moving, you can’t weld the hand to anything, because you are essentially “locking” it to the part you’re welding it to, which means that the part that the hand is “locked” to is the part that will ultimately end up moving the hand (if it were to be movable).
Any other issue that i can think of should be detectable by Den_S’s warning prompts in his plugin, like naming issues or decals and such.

That’s all I can help you with, good luck!


Hi, I encountered an issue I can’t solve with the blender 2.8 beta.

I’ve definitely been using the correct script for it and it was showing up just fine but when I tried exporting the animation and importing it to Roblox I’d get a message saying it was successfully imported but nothing would happen.
Now I’ve opened blender 2.8 and the plugin seems to have removed itself. Any attempt to re-add it fails. Not really sure what is wrong but perhaps the issue is on blender’s side not the plugins?


What happens when you try to re-add it exactly? Do you get an error?


It pops up at the bottom that the modules are added but that’s it


It then sounds like it got added successfully (you’ll have to hit the save user preferences button to actually make it persist throughout different blender sessions). In blender 2.8 the only thing you’ll initially see is a new import option, see the opening post for additional instructions.


I installed the .py file and it shows up in my addons, but there’s nothing new in import and export. What’s going on?


Huh, when I’m in blender the animation I made plays perfectly in blender, but when I import it into- yeah just look in blender in roblox


It could be that the latest Blender beta versions changed the API, so I’d suggest trying out an older build (or the 2.79 version) for now until I can check it out myself.

Make sure you use the newest plugin and addon versions.


Alright, I’ll see if that works or not.


Unfortunately reverting to any of the older versions didn’t change anything. Guess I’ll have to wait for an update.


Hmm… Does adding custom IK constraints affect the ability to import an animation? I added custom IK constraints since the IK generator doesn’t really do a good job at making the IK correctly (the IK bone is attached to the toes of the foot instead of the heel joint when applying IK to the foot, which sinks the heal into the floor when moving the body up/down), and after of course fully animating the rig, I tried importing the animation but instead was resulted in an error message. Is there some sort of solution or can I simply not make custom IK constraints? If not, I think the IK constraint generator needs to have an update since it doesn’t function properly after applying them to the rig.


Custom constraints shouldn’t really affect anything, and I’d actually recommend custom tuned IK constraints over the built-in ones (in fact, pretty much any Blender animation tooling can be used, as long as you don’t discard the metadata in the rig).

That error indicates the metadata in the bones is no longer there that is required to export the animation from Blender. You can verify if it’s there by looking in the Bone properties tab while in edit mode (and selecting a bone):


For all generated bones this data should be there, for utility (IK) bones it is not expected.


I’m certain it’s not installed correctly as I was using it with 2.8 previously. I cant even see the import button, nor can i find it when i search in add-ons.


If you happened to have updated your Blender installation: it’s possible that there is some Blender change that broke the addon. For now, try to use an older build or 2.79 as I’ll have to look into it at a later date.


Looked into that and I don’t think that was the issue.

I played around with the properties a bit and I found out that I can’t use a different parent on the foot bone than the original parent. I had the parent set to the IK constraint so the foot stays static with the IK constraint and not rotate into the ground. But it turns out I can’t set the parent to the IK constraint and instead need to re-set it back to the LowerLeg in order for importing to work again, but the result is sinking feet again. Seems like there is no clean work around here unless there is some sort of alternative I can use.


That’s correct, yes, if you change the structure around at the children of the HumanoidRootPart (root) bone the addon can’t really make sense of it anymore.

I think you simply want a length 2 IK constraint at the lower leg of the rig (and not have the feet affected by the IK directly at all, only by the transformation of the parent), with a separate IK target (without parent bone) and pose bone. That’ll make the foot bone not rotate/move at all relative to the leg parent. You can then use a Copy Rotation constraint to the foot that copies the rotation of the IK constraint target bone. Maybe add a Copy Location constraint too if you want to allow the feet to be detached from the leg.