Blender rig exporter/animation importer


Thank you! That worked perfectly, I appreciate the help :slight_smile:


I’ve tested the newest Blender build now and it still seems to behave properly. Are you use the addon is selected in the addon menu, you pressed “save preferences” and that no new entry appears in the FIle -> Import menu?


I’m using Blender 2.79 on Steam and I installed the (Old Version).py through User Preferences and Addons. I checked it and saved user settings and refreshed it and back. I still don’t get anything new from the Import menu.


The 2.79 version has a different UI, see the “Very basic how-to-use guide for Blender 2.79” section in the opening post.


Okay I see it now. It’s on the Animations Menu on the left T menu. I was reading the 2.8 section by accident.


I am using a custom R15 model, and the only issue I have is when an animation from Mixamo is imported, the feet are a bit too low and they penetrate the ground during the animation. Is there any way that I can correct this in Blender or otherwise?

Would Apply Armature Transform help? Not sure how to use this feature.


@Den_S Are there any instructions on how to use Apply Armature Transform & the Map Keyframes functions. I am not sure how or where in the process to use these.

I have exported an FBX animation from Mixamo, and I would like to adjust the height a bit so that my character’s feet don’t go beneath the ground level during the animation. I am using a custom R15 rig.

Thank you!


“Apply armature transform” allows you to first move the armature in object mode (which has no effect on the exported data on its own, as the animation is always relative to the armature), but when you “Apply armature transform”, it’ll transfer your armature transformation into the animation state itself (and set the armature transform to 0 again).
So you can move the armature upwards in object mode, then apply the armature transform to ensure the animation is moved upwards on every keyframe too.


Works great! Your plugin is the best thing ever. Thank you so much.


Is it me or can I not export my rig anymore?


There’s an error being printed in the console, which may help identify what is causing the issue. Can you copy it over here?