Blender rig exporter/animation importer


I meant like have it generate an Animation object with all the data, so i can like local test it with a tool or something without having to upload it- or share the animation with other people.


Ah, in that case a “trick” you can do it simply press Upload animation and then don’t actually upload it, The KeyframeSequence data is then put in the Workspace, which you can copy. You can use the KeyframeSequenceProvider service to convert that generated structure to an animation asset id (through a script).


Mixamo is adding a 1 to the end of every bone name except for the bones ending in _end. I can’t use Import FBX because of this.


Do you get those 1’s when exporting the FBX from Blender, then importing it in an empty file?
Not sure what happens there though, never had problems with that.


Moving the bones doesn’t seem to move any of the joints? Nor do I see the same blue projection stuff that I see on the tutorial.



Are you in Pose mode of the __Rig armature?


Yes. Do you have a discord by any chance?


I got it working!



I have updated both the Roblox plugin and the Blender addon again with the following changes:

  • Exporting to Roblox now handles joints that are rotated in arbitrary ways in the rest pose properly (thanks @tyridge77 for pointing this out to me). This was only an “export animation” issue, so no need to re-import rigs.
  • There is now an extra “map rig” button. This maps keyframes from a selected rig to the generated rig, just like the original script did (this script had a bug too, by the way, which is also fixed in this built-in button). Applicable for non-FBX imports.
  • Some extra “nicer” error handling for common mistakes.
  • When exporting a rig from Roblox, a humanoid is now temporarily inserted if needed to ensure consistent naming when importing the obj into blender (solves various import issues).


Anyone have any idea how to get the mo-cap working? The other vid tut doesn’t work. If anyone could make a tutorial specifically demonstrating how to link a motion captured figure with the ROBLOX R15 char, that’d be fantastic! Thanks!


I’ll do this :slight_smile:


Here you go :slight_smile:

This is for importing mixamo(pre-made motion capture animations) into your rig on roblox.

I’m currently sick and dead tired so, I apologize for sounding like that… haha

edit: Just realized how slow and tired I was… sigh.
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@CloneTrooper1019 You might like this mate.



That’s a very helpful tutorial! I appreciate that. I know that there’s a way to track movement in cameras in blender by color which can link to a bone and basically act as a low budget motion track. Is there a possible way to do THAT, or use a kinect camera to do motion tracking? My goal is to make some of my own mo-cap animations


@Den_S or someone finallyfixedhopefully.obj (209.6 KB)
For some reason when I upload this model with the plug in into blender it does this.

So it’s not all connected and I am not sure why because in studio it has everything properly connected.


Upload a place file with that rig inside it instead. Seems like your Roblox rig is incorrect, though.


Here we go.
broken rig.rbxl (13.7 KB)
Added this one sorry wrong one, also I added the primary part as humanoidrootpart still have no clue why it’s not working, it works just fine on the animation editor.


Fixed it, take a look at the new weld setup
broken rig.rbxl (13.9 KB)