Blender rig exporter/animation importer


OH MY GOD I THOUGHT THAT WAS A SPIDER before I opened the original.


Looks like some axis got swapped (but rotation matrices seem fine?). Try importing it through the standard Blender FBX import plugin (i.e. file -> import -> fbx), at the lower-left corner you can see some importer properties that can swap e.g. Z/-Y during import. Whenever imported properly that way, use the Map keyframes by bone name button to actually copy your FBX-imported data onto the originally generated rig.

Or export it in Maya with Z/-Y swapped.


Z/-Y didn’t work, I’m not sure how I can tell which axis to switch.


What does it look like when you import it as a standard FBX? (so no mapping through the plugin)
It looks like Z/-Y, or a Z/X swap.


Currently selected: Upper Torso, Upper Right Leg, Upper Left Leg


It looks like it’s because Maya apparently aligns -X along the bone, while blender uses Y, which messes up the orientation. It could be worth trying out if that somehow fixes it (but it seems like other transforms are Z/-Y swapped).

In FBX import, there’s also an Armatures tab, which allows you to configure these parameters.

According to Maya’s docs the primary is -X (which makes sense), but try some configurations :stuck_out_tongue: .


This is strange considering that I’ve successfully done this before… I’m going to send you a DM.


Anybody know how to make the joints not float?


That’s an issue with the attachment points on R15 rigs, the rotation point is in a really odd position making animating a pain, mostly apparent on non-blocky packages.
@Sharksie visualized it here nicely (and let someone fix it :stuck_out_tongue: ):

Best is to actually fix the issue at its core: the R15 rig attachments like @Sharksie did, obviously.
You can also write a script to manipulate the transforms to “emulate” a different joint position if you don’t want to change the rig (be aware that you’d have to do this for every package you’d like to support) (but fix the rig instead please ;)).


does r6 figures import with a proper rig now

honestly moving to blender as i want to give it a try


Not yet, sorry. As I don’t need R6 support myself I haven’t really prioritized this yet.


My Rbx2Source tool can generate R6 rigs.

You can import models generated for it if you have the blender source tools plugin.
(Files are stored in %appdata%/Rbx2Source)
I’ll see if I can create a different version of my tool that exports to FBX instead.


FBX Exporting would be great!


I second this notion!


I’m going to look into this.
RIght now my tool is kinda tightly bound to character appearances, and rigs are assembled using RigAttachments (in a similar manner to BuildRigFromAttachments), so I’m gonna have to refactor a lot of the backend stuff to make it friendly to export with generic Motor6D rigs.

In the mean time, if you install a free Source engine game like Team Fortress 2, then Rbx2Source should let you generate models since it’ll be compiling it for that game.


My Mixamo animations always end up facing the opposite direction. Any idea why this is happening?


Rotate the original Roblox rig 180 degrees in Studio before exporting. Mixamo applies the animation in armature space and derives from that in which direction the rig is facing, to my knowledge.


Thank you!


Very impressive tool. Here’s a running animation I did over the span of over three hours of on-and-off work.


On a partially related note to this, I just wrote a wiki article detailing Roblox’s mesh format (both ASCII and binary) if anyone is interested: