Blender Work! GFX Feedback?


Wow thats amazing!! I wish I could do something like this. Keep on the good work!

Looks amazing, but if I were you, I would remove the glossy. But keep up the great work!

WOW! That’s incredible! The realism and details are amazing.

Love the lighting and glow of the face.

I agree with @OhLordiez with the gloss. The gloss on the face throws it off a bit.

I’ll say decrease the gloss but not all of it. Chain looks really pixelated and fake. I suggest getting one from the catalog, or seperating it from the rest of the clothing

It’s just amazing that new and up-coming developers (like you @Cookystern ), are creating amazing works!

Although if you don’t want your works to be stolen by thieves, I strongly recommend having a watermark on the GFX.

But this deserves a thumbs up! :+1:

That is amazing! The colors, textures, designs and lighting are all perfect. The body, the clothing, the background are all great. This is pure amazingness! Keep up the good work.