BlenDev Team looking for all types of Modelers!



BlenDev is a team of Modelers that will take on several cool/fun projects, these projects will be created by the BlenDev members.

How Projects Will Work

Before we start each project, we will have each BlenDev member get into groups ranging from 2-4 people to compete against the other BlenDev members, we will have judges to judge each project and who wins, winners will be gaining a certain prize or a certain amount of Robux. ALL of the Projects will be able to go onto each Modelers portfolios to show in order to get hired. On our Discord we will have a hiring chatroom for people to look for Modelers for their games! Some projects will be a fully built game, we will hire a scripter for your game as well as sponsor your game as in return 10% of all in game earnings because we are investing in that game.

Some of our planned Projects

UGC, Fully built game (Each Team will have a different type of game), Household Items, Furniture, Weapons, etc.


There will no be 0 indirect payment but there will be things such as us hiring you a scripter and investing into your games, also helping you create things for your portfolio as well.

Contact Information

My Discord: EnDark#8707
NOTE: Whenever you add me on Discord, YOU NEED to message me as well, as I get a lot of friend requests coming in an I WILL NOT see your friend request UNLESS you message me.

From there, I will send you the Discord Invite link then you will be able to apply for the team in the Google Form.

Thank you, and have a great day!


Q1. How good are you with marketing?
Q2. Do you have any successful games from the past?
Q3. How much are you sponsoring the game for and how would payment for the scripter work?
Q4. What are your skill sets?
Q5. What do you mean by 0 indirect payments?
Q6. Couldn’t I just do this on my own and save myself 10%?
Q7. Are we creating games for you or for ourselves?


So there is no payment in any currency at all?

Giveaways and contests are against the TOS.

  1. I’ve taken Business classes in HS and got some help from my friend that has created several front page games.
  2. I’ve made Coder Simulator which has been front page a couple times in the past.
  3. I will Sponsor to the amount I feel like could get the game big, and what days would be the best.
  4. I can Model, Script Slightly, Animate, and Basic UI.
  5. 0 indirect payments as in I will not be paying you directly with R$10K for the assets you make, it’s just to help with your portfolios and you can show off your models in the discord chats to promote your portfolio and get more commissions.
  6. You can if you choose to do so, but if BlenDev will be hiring the scripter to script your game then sponsor the game with our own money then we’d require the 10% from all in game earnings.
  7. For yourself, to get people out there and do all modelers professional and non professional to be recognized for their hard work and effort.

Not what I mean, I probably did not speak fairly clear but I mean a contest between who can make the best model and won by judges decision then I will basically pay for that model. Which if I’m correct, that isn’t against the TOS

  1. Who is this friend? It doesn’t matter if you took business classes in high-school becuase you would still have to learn the roblox market and its audience.

  2. If you have made this game how much revenue was made from it (I have never seen this game on the front page nor have I heard of this game.

  3. This doesn’t answer the question. What is your budget and if you got over 10 devs would you still be able to meet their demands?

  4. (Answered)

  5. Couldn’t I just find a commission that pays well and then put that on my portfolio?

  6. How much does this scripter get? How good are these scripters?

  7. This is not very persuasive. The employer usually looks for your work and the quality of it. I would personally find it easier if someone instructed me to do something.

Furthermore, I do not understand the competition.

I like the idea and I am interested. I would just need more clarity.

  1. His name is Gozaru.
  2. Can’t really say specifics and saying on DevForum where it’s public to everyone. You can DM me and I’ll let you know there
  3. I’ve got at least 300k Robux that I can put forward.
  4. Yes you can, it’s not required for you to join. Not forcing anyone, but I’m saying this could be a good help for practice, showing off your models, finding jobs, and have more communication and becoming friends with other fellow developers.
  5. I will pay this scripter as much as he asks but he’s a good friend of mine and in generally he doesn’t ask for pay whenever I need him but I will if he wants, he’s really good and has been scripting on Roblox for around 7 or 8 years now and he knows several different languages from RLua, C#, Java, etc.
  6. It’s just welcome to all modelers all skill levels and so they can make a game because for the fun of it that they will enjoy and get more into developing for later on as well. As I stated before, it is not required but welcome to everyone that would love to join.
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