Block value wont delete if i keep holding F key

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    Made a blocking system, and made it if you get hit a certain amount of times, you get block broken.

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    it wont delete that value until you let go of the F key.

--Module that starts and ends block--
function functions.StartBlock(...)
	local things = ...;
	local char = things.char 
	local origin = things.origin -- Humanoid Root Part
	if char:FindFirstChild("Block") then return end --If youre already blocking, return
	if functions.abilityCheck({plr = things.plr, ability = "Block"}) then return end --Checks all states like "Attacked, Stunned, Blocking, Cooldown" at once
	functions.SetCharacterState(char, "Blocking") --State so i can add slow with an if function
	clientFX:FireAllClients("BlockFx", {origin = char.HumanoidRootPart, phase = 1}) --Just an effects event 
	local block ="NumberValue") -- Block value
	block.Name = "Block"
	block.Value = 40
	block.Parent = char
function functions.EndBlock(...)
	local things = ...;
	local char = things.char
	local block = char:FindFirstChild("Block")
	functions.RemoveCharacterState(char, "Blocking")
	if block then
		clientFX:FireAllClients("BlockFx", {origin = char.HumanoidRootPart, phase = 2}) -- Ends the effects
		block:Destroy() -- Destroys the value
		if things.BlockBreak then --Through info, if numbervalue <= 0 then i call the function EndBlock, only with {BlockBreak = true} in its info, so that way i can detect if you let go of F or you have gotten block broken.
			block:Destroy() --Destroys block, but it wont destroy it until you let go of letter F
			clientFX:FireAllClients("BlockBreak", {origin = char.HumanoidRootPart})
			clientFX:FireAllClients("Sound", {origin = char.HumanoidRootPart, Sound = repStorage.Effects.Sound.blockbreak})
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why not just add a task.wait after blocking then ending the block in the same function

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Not the problem, i set it up how its supposed to work and im running into a problem, im not gonna change the whole script now…

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I fixed the problem, it was that i was passing through my own character s an argument rather than “target”, so it was trying to find “block” value in myself rather than the enemy its hitting.

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