Blockable | need final thoughts

Hello everyone! Can you let me know if there are any bugs in my game? I’m going to advertise it soon and want to make sure it is bug free! blockable - Roblox

I don’t know what category this would go in so please move it to the right one if this is not it


I had a go and found the movement process using the mouse very difficult.
Dependant on where you clicked a block it may twist or turn on its own.
May I suggest you rethink the move controls and use the keyboard keys for directions
w,a,s,d for the usual moves on the plane and q for up and z for down.
Perhaps mouse for rotation.
Maybe allow the user to set the block as ‘frozen’ so if another block bumps it it does not move.


I might be able to try some of those but the whole point of the game was to move a block freely with your mouse. I’ll definitely work on the anchor feature later this week as I’m out of town so I don’t have access to a computer. I also might work on the no rotation when you click on it.