BlockMesh missing from 'Insert Basic Object >'


If you right click on a part and select ‘Insert Basic Object >’, the BlockMesh object is missing from the list.

This annoys me more than it should :frowning:

I think I mentioned this earlier, but yes, this is insanely annoying because I use BlockMeshes all the time.

Just use a SpecialMesh with Brick MeshType?

What do you guys use BlockMeshes for, now that bricks lack bevels?

Offsets and getting rid of surface studs and welds and stuff. Also, it used to be used for getting different specularity with a smooth texture but Roblox didn’t like that much creativity.

…Yeah, this is really not okay unless they fix the way SpecialMesh stuff works (especially offset).

Still annoying me :frowning:

EDIT: Also, Texture is missing from the list when you right click a part.

Sorry for bringing this up again but it’s still missing.

Bumping this since it would be useless to create a new topic.

Y u no just“BlockMesh”, game.Workspace.Part)

The right click menu makes inserting objects much easier. One could use the ‘Basic objects’ window but it wastes space. It’s annoying how the BlockMesh and Texture objects are missing from the menu since it would be super easy to add them.