Blocks rotate as I move them, and I can't move anchored objects?

This happened AS I was building. In the middle of me building something, this problem started happening and it is very strange.

First of all, when I try to move objects with the move handles in Studio, they rotate as they move. It’s very weird. I have attached a gif demonstrating it.


Secondly, if a part is anchored, it won’t let me move it at all. An anchored icon will appear next to my cursor if I try to do so. I am able to move the block if it is unanchored. Here is a gif of that:


Keep in mind that this stuff started happening while I was building. I have tried restarting studio. Collisions are off. Maybe I accidentally enabled some feature?

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I fixed it. Apparently I had constraints on. I still don’t know what that has to do with my problems though.

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Constraints prevent you from moving a part past its constraints. Apparently Anchored counts as a constraint, so your not able to move the part.