Blood Engine - A blood engine system

As @TimeFrenzied said, you dont have to unpack the table as it does that process for you in the module.

Don’t use the module on the server, as I have forgotten to make it so the module uses the heartbeat event instead of the renderstepped event for server-use.

Im still getting the error… that didnt fix the root cause when i called it using a client script.

Error: ReplicatedStorage.BloodEngine:110: invalid argument #1 to ‘unpack’ (table expected, got nil)

Can you show me the .new() line inside of the module?

function number, RandomOffset: boolean, Speed: number, DripDelay: number, DripVisible: boolean, FilterInstances: {})
	local self = setmetatable({}, BloodEngine)

	-- Creates a folder for drips if necessary
	local DripsFolder = Terrain:FindFirstChild("DripsFolder") or"Folder", Terrain)
	DripsFolder.Name = DripsFolder.Name == "DripsFolder" and DripsFolder.Name or "DripsFolder"

	-- Create and initialize the RaycastParams object outside of the function
	local raycastParams =
	raycastParams.FilterType = Enum.RaycastFilterType.Exclude

--This is line 110
	raycastParams.FilterDescendantsInstances = {DripsFolder, Unpack(FilterInstances)}
	raycastParams.IgnoreWater = true

	-- Assign class variables
	self.Settings = {
		DripLimit = Limit or Constants.Limit,
		Speed = Speed or Constants.Speed,
		DripDelay = DripDelay or Constants.DripDelay,
		RandomOffset = RandomOffset or Constants.RandomOffset,
		DripVisible = DripVisible or Constants.DripVisible

	self.Drips = {}
	self.DripsFolder = DripsFolder
	self.RaycastParams = raycastParams

	-- Assign other variables
	local Distance = Constants.Distance
	self._Random =

	-- Connect a single function to the Heartbeat event of the RunService
		-- If no drips exist, stop managing. Saves Performance.
		if (#self.Drips <= 0) then

		-- Iterate over all drips in the drips table
		for Index, DripArray in self.Drips do
			-- Retreive information
			local -- Unpack information
			DripInstance: MeshPart,
			EndSound: Sound,
			BasePart: BasePart,
			IsPool: boolean = Unpack(DripArray)

			-- Perform a raycast from the position of the part in the direction of its velocity and find the closest part to the drip
			local result = workspace:Raycast(DripInstance.Position,, -Distance, 0), self.RaycastParams)

			-- Check if the result is not nil and if the hit object is not the basePart
			if DripInstance and result and result.Instance ~= BasePart and not IsPool then
				-- Move the part to the hit position
				DripArray.IsPool = true
				DripInstance.Anchored = true
				DripInstance.CanCollide = false
				DripInstance.Transparency = DripPart.Transparency
				DripInstance.CFrame = * CFrame.Angles(0, 0, 0)

				-- Grow the size of the part over time to create a blood pool
				local Info =, Enum.EasingStyle.Cubic)
				local RandomTweenIncrement = self._Random:NextNumber(3, 5) / 5
				local CurrentSize = DripInstance.Size
				local SizeGoal =, self._Random:NextNumber(1, 10) / 100, RandomTweenIncrement)
				local Tween = TweenService:Create(DripInstance, Info, {Size = SizeGoal})

				-- Play size tween and start the ending sound

				-- Decrease the size and transparency of the part after a few seconds have passed
				-- Then destroy and delete it from the blood parts dataset
				local DefaultTweenInfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad)
				local DefaultTween = TweenService:Create(DripInstance, DefaultTweenInfo, {Transparency = 1, Size =, 0.01, 0.01)})

				task.delay(self._Random:NextNumber(10, 15), function()

						-- Remove the drip instance from existance and from the Drips dataset
						table.remove(self.Drips, Index)

		-- Check if the number of blood parts exceeds the bloodLimit
		if #self.Drips > self.Settings.DripLimit then
			-- Decrease the size and transparency of the part after a few seconds have passed
			-- Then destroy and delete it from the blood parts dataset
			local OldestDrip: MeshPart? = table.remove(self.Drips, #self.Drips)

			local DefaultTweenInfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad)
			local DefaultTween = TweenService:Create(OldestDrip, DefaultTweenInfo, {Transparency = 1, Size =, 0.01, 0.01)})



	return self

That’s an outdated version of the module, I assume its from the source code on GitHub since I forgot to update it.

So is the github code updated or do I use the RBLX model link instead?

Use the Roblox model for now. And may I ask did you use the BloodEngine file provided with the latest release on GitHub?

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I would assume so?
I’m on the main branch but I see the BloodModule file in the src folder has not been updated for 3 weeks. Maybe a commit issue?

Edit: I see the new code as a release on the sidebar. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Report back to me if its the same as the src code, just to make sure its not outdated and if you still encounter bugs.

Thanks! everything works good now!

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Hey, I have a Issue with the Blood Module. Its said attempt to index nil with ‘Emit’

And when i’m trying to do in a LocalScript There is no Blood. How Do i fix that ?

i fixed the issue. Its Working now

What did you do to fix it ?


Please share your code. It is possible your blood instance has missing information or isn’t fully formed.

We cannot provide assistance without a baseline to see what error you can be having.

I’m guessing Emit is nil because you tried to use the module on the server, which doesn’t wont work.

Blood Engine • V0.0.5

↳ General Changes

Included a showcase place on the GitHub repository.
Added a more efficient way to change the settings: UpdateSettings.

Is there a way to do this on the server?

umm, where is the .rbxl showcase place?


There is, but why would you want to do this? Just wondering.