Blox Air Flight Simulator - Important Guides and Regulations


As of how nearly all well-known Roblox games have a set of rules you are required to follow, Blox Air (inspired by Keyon Air) also has a few rules for you to follow. If you're found not following these simple rules, please note that there may be consequences. All regulations may be found below!

  1. Any exploiting/cheating or obtaining a game pass item by exploits is prohibited. If you’re found doing this, you will be permanently banned from the game, exploiting/cheating in general may result in less serious consequences.

  2. Bypassing the Roblox chat filter is prohibited, any use of inappropriate language (e.g. slurs or swear words) may result in a 7 day ban from the game, please ensure that you do not use any offensive language.

  3. Please don’t intentionally crash any planes inside the game. This may sound like a fun thing to do but all it does is that it ruins everyone’s gameplay experience. You’ll most likely end up being kicked from the server if you intentionally do this to ruin gameplay experience.

  4. Chat flood (Spam) is prohibited. Doing so may result in a 3 days ban.

  5. Please ensure that you follow all of Roblox’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines ( in order to ensure that everyone has a smooth experience. More regulations can be found on Roblox’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines page.


Spawning a plane: In order to insert a plane in the game, you will first of all need Admin Commands or Super Admin Commands, this can be directly purchased through the game or through the game pass store. Please note that you may have to rejoin the game if you were inside the game and you purchased through the game pass store page, purchasing directly from the game will instantly give you admin commands. Once purchased, please click the insert codes button at the left side of your screen, you should then see a few codes. In order to spawn a plane, please use ":insert (code)".

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